How we work - for Grandnanny Applicants

Meaningful, local employment that pays London Living Wage.

You tell us your experience and then we’ll share matches and set up interviews. Once we’ve found a family you love, we’ll handle the payroll and admin.


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Matching & Meeting


The first thing you need to do is let us know what you’re looking for. Once you’ve done that we will match your requirements with families in your area and set up interviews with families you match with. 


We’ll always ring for a chat before you meet a family so you know what to expect and what they liked about your profile. We can also help you prepare for the interview, if you'd like.


After you’ve met and you and the parents are happy with the match, we suggest a supervised meeting between you and the whole family before you go ahead.

Onboarding & Contracts


Once you have received and accepted an offer, you’ll get your free Enhanced DBS checks, child safeguarding and first aid training. 


You will become an Employee and the parent/s you’ve matched with will become your Employer. This is important because every family is different and you will want to agree house rules, notice periods and your own processes for things like holiday booking.


Because we want you to have job security and a constant minimum income, we encourage you and your family to agree to a minimum number of hours. We'll also provide other tips to get you off to a flying start. You can ring us at any time to talk things through.


When the time comes, we will signpost template contracts for you and your family. We can help guide you and share resources, but it is important that you are familiar, confident and comfortable with the legal details of working as a nanny.


Invoices & Payroll

The last thing you want is the hassle of dealing with lots of paperwork or having to chase your wages. Grandnanny will run payroll on behalf of your family.


Your family will receive a monthly invoice from Grandnanny Ltd which they pay by direct debit. We will base this on the number of hours you have agreed with them.


If you agree to increase the number of hours worked in the month we will ask you to tell us by the 21st of each month so we can adjust your family's invoice accordingly. 

Fair and responsible pay

You will receive £10.75/ hour paid to you by Grandnanny's payroll people. This is the London Living Wage.


The family you work with will also pay a one-off set up fee of £50. We will charge them a £14/hourly rate which they will pay to Grandnanny. The set-up fee and the difference between the rate you get paid and the rate we charge to families covers a whole host of things that support you and keep Grandnanny running:

  • London Living Wage 

  • Local peer support groups for you

  • Customer service support 

  • Recruitment

  • Vetting

  • Enhanced DBS checks

  • Paediatric First Aid

  • Safeguarding Training

  • Payroll

  • Pension (where needed)

  • Holiday pay

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If you have any questions or want to have a chat about the becoming a Grandnanny give us a call on  02034885955 or drop us a line on

London, UK

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