Sarah Vick, Co-Founder

Tech Agency Leader & Mum of twins

I had twin daughters in 2013 after working in leadership roles in the digital industry for 15 years. I went back to work when the babies were six months old and since then my husband and I have tried just about every form of childcare there is. When I met Adele and she talked to me about Grandnanny I thought “maybe this is the answer for working parents around the world”. Not only would Grandnanny give working families like mine a longer term solution, but we would also be helping change the lives of older neighbours. 


My Mum is a retired Nursery School Teacher. Her work providing early years education for children from lower socio-economic backgrounds taught me the importance of all children having access to the same opportunities early in life. Quality childcare is a crucial.

Adele Aitchison, Co-Founder

Gerontologist & Brand Strategist​

My Mum ran a nursery from our home in Lancashire so I've been surrounded by Early Years Education since my earliest memories. The staff at the nursery were a little older than at other nurseries and everyone called them ‘Aunty’.  My favourite was (and still is) Aunty Christine.


25 years later, I became interested in intergenerational programmes after my Grandad passed away. I began volunteering for a charity called North London Cares. During one of my weekly visits with an older neighbour, I was saddened to learn that I was one of three people she ever saw.


I joined King's College, London, to study my MSc in Gerontology & Ageing because I wanted to understand the challenges we will all face as our population ages. When Sarah and I met in a forum for women in Tech, we bonded over our desire to provide good jobs and social connections for underemployed over 50s and to support parents struggling to find reliable long-term childcare.  That's when we started Grandnanny.

London, UK

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